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Whatever Happened to the Scottish Government's Education Bill?

28th November 2018

The enormous Education Bill, with its many strands, has been published but will be delivered 'collaboratively' rather than through legislation

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GDPR and your Parent Group - What You Can Still Do

28th November 2018

Don't let the General Data Protection Regulation get in the way of communicating with parents!

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Testing time for the Scottish Government

30th August 2018

Author and Upstart trustee Carol Craig gives her views on the issues surrounding the Scottish Government's Primary 1 Standardised National Assessments

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Essential information for your parent group about General Data Protection Regulation

12th March 2018

Find out why the new General Data Protection Regulation is important to your Parent Council/PTA

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Guest Blog: Why it’s Important to Know an Octopus Can Walk on Land

18th November 2017

This is a guest blog post from Dr Janet Goodall, an academic at Bath University whose research focuses on parental engagement

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Connect's Eileen Prior blogs: Should Pupil Equity Funding be used for football?

6th November 2017

We kick back as an education 'insider' criticises the use of Pupil Equity Funding for 'keepie-up sessions'

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