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Connect's Programme of Professional Learning for Autumn 2019 is now available!

17th June 2019

Book your place on our highly-regarded professional learning modules on family engagement in children's learning and school lives now!

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Scottish Government publishes review of Primary 1 Scottish National Standardised Assessments

11th June 2019

The independent review of P1 SNSAs by David Reedy is published by the Scottish Government

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How are trials of the 1140 hours of free early learning and childcare going? We asked parents across Scotland

5th June 2019

Our parent survey about trials of the 1140 hours of free early learning and childcare found inconsistencies and parent confusion

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Connect Members: Summer 2019 Issue of Backchat 149

21st May 2019

Read the latest edition of our Members' termly newsletter

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Education and Skills Committee report on Standardised Assessments is published

24th April 2019

Connect welcomes the scrutiny the Scottish Parliament’s Education and Skills Committee has given to Scottish National Standardised Assessments (SNSA).

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Scottish Government to adjust, not scrap, P1 tests

18th April 2019

Connect responds to the Scottish Government's announcement on changes to P1 standardised assessments

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Connect's Partnership Schools Scotland Year 3 Report 2017-2018

3rd April 2019

Find out about the work of some of our inspiring Partnership Schools in our Year 3 Report

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Musical Instrument Tuition Inquiry: COSLA and John Swinney's responses are published

28th March 2019

Responses from COSLA and John Swinney about funding to support musical instrument tuition in schools are very disappointing

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Connect's Annual Lecture 2019: Carol Craig

19th March 2019

Listen to this recording of Carol Craig's fantastic lecture, Learning to Cope: How Do Children Become Resilient?

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Connect's Annual Report and Year in Numbers 2017-2018

18th March 2019

We're delighted to share our Annual Report and our Year in Numbers for 2017-2018 with you

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Partnership Schools Makes a Difference in the US

12th March 2019

Our Partnership Schools Scotland programme is modelled on the long-running and well-evidence success story Partnership Schools in the US. Read the latest reports from the US Partnership Schools project

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We report on our parent survey about subject choices, which comprises our submission to the Education and Skills Committee

5th March 2019

We asked parents for their views/experiences of their child's subject choices in high school. The findings are in our report

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Dr Janet Goodall, consultant for Connect, says that relationships are at the heart of effective parental engagement

4th March 2019

What is the most important factor for schools as they work on parent and family engagement to improve learning outcomes for children? Quality relationships

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Listen to Connect's Eileen Prior on Radio EduTalk

27th February 2019

Connect's Executive Director Eileen Prior describes Connect's journey as an organisation

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COSLA/Scottish Government Guidance on Musical Instrument Tuition is Published

26th February 2019

Guidance for local authorities is published - there are a few positives but there's still no clarity or national framework

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Regional Improvement Collaboratives: What are they?

25th February 2019

Sara McFarlane, Connect's Executive Assistant, explains Regional Improvement Collaboratives

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Connect asks: Where are parents in the recently-published Review of Personal and Social Education?

25th February 2019

It is crucial for parents and schools to work together to support children and young people. This Review fails to recognise this

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Eileen Prior, Executive Director of Connect, calls for an end to the Named Person debacle

6th February 2019

The Scottish Government's working group charged with developing guidance on information-sharing has said it is not possible

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Backchat 148 Spring 2019

30th January 2019

Read the latest edition of our termly newsletter for Connect Members here

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Connect's Programme of Professional Learning for Spring 2019 is now available!

16th January 2019

We're running our three fantastic professional learning courses on family engagement in Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow - book now!

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Connect's Snap Survey on Parent Groups' Experiences of Booking School Lets

14th January 2019

It is clear that some local authorities are exploiting the goodwill of parent groups, charging high booking fees for groups to use school premises for fundraising events

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Connect's Submission to the Education & Skills Committee's Enquiry into the Scottish National Standardised Assessment

9th January 2019

Read our submission to the Scottish Parliament's Education & Skills Committee on Standardised Assessment

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Dr Janet Goodall, author and academic, describes her passion for parental engagement in children's learning

8th January 2019

Connect interviews Dr Janet Goodall and asks her about what can be done to improve experiences for parents as they engage with schools and their children's learning

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Connect's Transitions (Changes) Survey Report

7th January 2019

Times of change in children's school lives are very important and need to be well-handled

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Connect News! Dr Janet Goodall and George Gilchrist join the Connect professional learning team!

28th December 2018

We're delighted to welcome Dr Janet Goodall and George Gilchrist to the Connect team

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No Safe Place: Restraint and Seclusion in Scotland's Schools, Report by the Children and Young People's Commissioner Scotland

17th December 2018

This hard-hitting report flags up the excessive use of restraint and seclusion in our schools

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Connect's Submission to the Scottish Parliament's Public Petitions Inquiry on Young People's Mental Health Services

17th December 2018

Connect calls for improvements to provision as services are patchy, inadequately-funded and only available in some areas when young people are suicidal

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Whatever Happened to the Scottish Government's Education Bill?

28th November 2018

The enormous Education Bill, with its many strands, has been published but will be delivered 'collaboratively' rather than through legislation

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GDPR and your Parent Group - What You Can Still Do

28th November 2018

Don't let the General Data Protection Regulation get in the way of communicating with parents!

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Developing the Young Workforce report finds progress is not fast enough

28th November 2018

The Scottish Parliament's Education and Skills Committee has commissioned a report on the Developing the Young Workforce programme

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Connect's AGM and Annual Lecture 2019

20th November 2018

Connect Members are warmly invited to join us for our AGM and Annual Lecture in Dundee on 14 March 2019

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Connect asks parents and parent groups to think again about buying gifts for teachers

19th November 2018

Call to action! Connect campaigns with EIS and the Child Poverty Action Group, ask everyone to please think again about Christmas gifts for teachers!

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Connect responds to the Scottish Government's Protecting Children review consultation

14th November 2018

Connect expresses concern about the implications of proposed changes

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Scottish Parliament Education and Skills Committee Inquiry into Musical Instrument Tuition in Schools

1st November 2018

Read Connect's submission to the Committee, which includes the results of our survey on musical instrument tuition in schools

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Education Secretary Announces Review into P1 Standardised National Assessments

26th October 2018

Connect comments on John Swinney's announcement of an independent review on P1 testing

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Parents' Voice Survey Launched on Children and Young People's Transitions

22nd October 2018

Tell us about your child or young person's experience of change in the education system

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Partnership Working to Support Mental Health

10th October 2018

On World Mental Health Day, Connect shares the excellent partnership work of Maisondieu Primary School in Angus to provide mental health support in their school community

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Backchat 147 Autumn Issue

3rd October 2018

Read our latest newsletter - it's full of useful information about our current campaigns, our surveys and our services for Members

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Cross party support for parliamentary motion calling for the P1 national tests to be scrapped

13th September 2018

Connect is pleased to see cross party support for the motion to scrap P1 tests

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Connect's Response to the Scottish Government's Supporting Disabled Children, Young People and their Families resource consultation

12th September 2018

Connect doesn't mince words in this consultation response

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Testing time for the Scottish Government

30th August 2018

Author and Upstart trustee Carol Craig gives her views on the issues surrounding the Scottish Government's Primary 1 Standardised National Assessments

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Connect's response to the Scottish Government Consultation on Nutrition in Schools

29th August 2018

Our consultation sets out the results from our snap survey which asked parents for their views on proposals to improve nutritional standards in schools

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Connect's response to the Scottish Government's Scottish National Standardised Assessments User Review: Stop the P1 tests! 

28th August 2018

The Scottish Government's Review of the Scottish National Standardised Assessments sets up the problems with the SNSAs this year

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Parent Councils - Top Tips for Welcoming New Families

28th August 2018

Parent Councils have a crucial role in welcoming new families to their school community - our top tips will help

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Connect's new Inclusion and Equality leaflets and resources for parent groups

28th August 2018

Our new leaflets will help your Parent Council/PTA to consider inclusion, equality and fairness

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Connect welcomes the Scottish Government's new Learning Together parental engagement Action Plan

21st August 2018

The Scottish Government's new Action Plan for parental engagement recognises parents as the first and foremost educators of their child

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New for 2018-2019! Connect's Jargon Buster - A List of Terms Used in Scottish Education

20th August 2018

Let us help you unpick Scottish education jargon with our new guide

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Connect supports Upstart Scotland's campaign to end National Standardised Assessments for Primary 1s

15th August 2018

Upstart Scotland has launched a postcard campaign to help parents who wish to opt their child out of the P1 national testing

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Connect's parent survey findings on national testing of Primary 1 children

13th August 2018

Parents are not being kept informed about national testing of their P1 child, finds our survey

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Health body highlights challenges facing young people experiencing poverty

19th July 2018

NHS Health Scotland has taken a look at multiple studies to explore how the environments children are born, grow and learn in can affect their educational outcomes. Our comment is here

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Comment on the Education and Skills Committee's Inquiry into Attainment and Achievement of School Children Experiencing Poverty Report

12th July 2018

Connect comments on the Inquiry into Attainment and Achievement of School Children Experiencing Poverty Report by the Scottish Parliament's Education and Skills Committee

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Education Bill is published but is postponed in favour of collaborative working

27th June 2018

The Scottish Government is to focus on improvement, not reform and collaboration, not legislation

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Connect responds to the Scottish Government Consultation on Early Years and Childcare Service Model for 2020, June 2018

26th June 2018

Connect says that care in a nurturing, loving environment is key for families of young children

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New Safety Belts on School Transport legislation comes into effect on 1 August 2018

18th June 2018

From 1 August 2018, dedicated school transport in Scotland will have to be fitted with safety belts

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Connect's Submission to the Education & Skills Committee on the Senior Phase: Finding the Right Pathways

12th June 2018

Connect's response sets out six recommendations

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Connect's Eileen Prior champions Youth Awards

6th June 2018

Watch Eileen talking about the importance of Youth Awards to young people on YouTube

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Connect Report: Parents' Voice Survey on Support for Families Facing Poverty and Free School Meals

4th June 2018

We report back on our survey which sought your views on, and experience of, support for families experiencing poverty and on free school meals

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Connect support for Parent Councils/PTAs with GDPR

24th May 2018

Read our revised Privacy Policy and see our Data Protection Policy template and guidance here

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Connect Report: Parents' Voice Anti-Bullying Survey with Respectme

24th May 2018

Our report on what parents told us about bullying in their children's schools and their understanding of it

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Connect responds to the Education and Skills Committee Inquiry on the impact of poverty on Attainment and Achievement

26th March 2018

Our Parents' Voice survey findings informed our consultation response: all parents care about the impact of poverty on families' lives

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Essential information for your parent group about General Data Protection Regulation

12th March 2018

Find out why the new General Data Protection Regulation is important to your Parent Council/PTA

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Partnership Schools Year 2 Report

16th February 2018

Our Partnership Schools Year 2 report summarises our second year and sets out our findings

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SPTC's Annual Report 2016-2017

12th January 2018

Read about our work during 2016-2017

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National Improvement Framework Evidence Report 2017 is published

2nd January 2018

The Scottish Government's annual National Improvement Framework Evidence Report 2017 is now available; its findings determine 2018's priorities

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Guest Blog: Why it’s Important to Know an Octopus Can Walk on Land

18th November 2017

This is a guest blog post from Dr Janet Goodall, an academic at Bath University whose research focuses on parental engagement

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Connect's Eileen Prior blogs: Should Pupil Equity Funding be used for football?

6th November 2017

We kick back as an education 'insider' criticises the use of Pupil Equity Funding for 'keepie-up sessions'

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