Professional Learning

We offer education professionals a range of courses to support family engagement in children's learning.  Connect's programmes build understanding of the why and how of family engagement in a practical, evidence-based way.  Our professional learning programme is supported by Dr Janet Goodall and George Gilchrist.  Read more about Janet and George here


Engaging Families in Children's Education

This course will help educators to effectively engage families in their children's learning, using tried and tested approaches, to improve and enhance professional practice

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Family Engagement for School Improvement

This one-day course builds family engagement in children's learning into the school improvement agenda

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Evaluation - Assessing the Impact of Family Engagement

This course provides a practical tool to help evaluate family engagement strategies as they are planned and implemented

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Working with your Parent Council

Working with your Parent Council - a professional learning workshop for educators and teachers

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Feedback from Connect's Professional Learning Modules

Educators share their feedback about our professional learning - we're delighted!

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