Education Bill is published but is postponed in favour of collaborative working

27th June 2018

Read our summary of the latest news on the Education Bill which has been published and set aside in favour of a collaborative approach with local authorities, to deliver some of the same expectations.

John Swinney Announcement (26 June 2018): Draft Bill is published but will not be set before Parliament; a collaborative approach with COSLA to be tried for one year instead of legislation. The agreement with COSLA will ‘fast-track’ implementation of everything except the replacement of GTCS which has been dropped.

Draft Bill

First Report by International Council of Education Advisers 2016-18 (26 June 2018) This advocates for a collaborative not legislative approach and could be described as the underpinning document for much of the current Scottish Government thinking and policy on education.  This group has been put together by Scottish Government to bring expertise and advice to policy-making. 

Parental Involvement and Pupil Participation

  • There is no prospect of standalone parental involvement legislation, so the Scottish Government is proceeding on the basis of changes to guidance, professional learning, training and development. This means a) revisions to existing statutory guidance and b) a package of training materials.  
  • Scottish Government is to engage with COSLA on the detail of the Parental Involvement Action Plan (which has been amended in response to consultation). The outcome of this is not yet known, but the revised Action Plan will be shared once it is.  The details of implementation will be worked out with partners. It is about changing cultures and approaches. 
  • Pupil participation will involve Children’s Rights resources and the setting up of a Scottish Learners’ Panel by the end of the summer break.

Head Teachers’ Charter and Empowering Schools

  • There will be guidance published on these themes, in collaboration with ADES and COSLA
  • There will be guidance on school funding
  • The rules and regulations around the powers that head teachers have (or don’t have) are going to be examined at local authority level.

Regional Improvement Collaboratives

  • There is £10m of extra funding to support these
  •  More work will be done to make sure these are consistent and effective.

Workforce Development

  • The intention is to find ways to expand the GTCS rather than replace it.

Education Scotland

Education Scotland has offered to do a new series of focus reviews with thematic inspections (in 2019) on a) curriculum leadership and b) pupil and parental engagement.