Connect supports Upstart Scotland's campaign to end National Standardised Assessments for Primary 1s

15th August 2018

We are supporting Upstart Scotland's postcard campaign to end national testing of Primary 1s.

Our parent survey found that parents of Primary 1s were unaware of the testing, hadn't been informed of next steps in learning as a result of the testing and the majority had negative views of the testing.

Primary 1s vary hugely in developmental terms and at Connect, we believe children are too young to be subjected to this testing, especially as it does not appear, from our survey results, that schools are conducting testing in the 'fun' way envisaged by John Swinney.

Read more about Upstart Scotland's campaign here or visit

Parents can opt their child out of the national testing and Upstart Scotland has produced a postcard to help with this which you can collect from your local contact here

Upstart Scotland has also produced a two minute video to accompany its campaign here.