Parent Council Facebook Page - Middleton Park Primary Parent Council, Aberdeen

What did you do?

We set up the Facebook page in 2010 and now we get about 200 views for every post. Through word of mouth and sharing we still get a few additional likes a month as parents find out or join.
We find that it's really useful for answering random questions from parents. We often get messages asking for questions to be asked at parent council – it is an easier forum for parents to approach.
Take a look at the page here:

Who was involved?

There are four of us as administrators who can add posts. This works well as one person does not have to do everything but is not too many as to think someone else will do it. Therefore in terms of running the page it is much less than a website (which tends to be forgotten) and comments can be added easily from a mobile phone.

What was the biggest success?

Saving the school! In 2013 we campaigned against plans to merge Middleton Park Primary with other schools - our Facebook page was instrumental in our success.

Are you going to continue with this work, or has it inspired you to do something else?

Definitely, happy to have other schools “like” our page for ideas and to see how positive we are now we have a future for the school to focus on.

How much did this work cost?


Source of funding (if any)?


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