Grant application successes - Kinnaird Primary School Parent Council, Falkirk

'At the start of the Academic year 2018/19, we (Kinnaird Primary School Parent Council) applied for grants available to schools from various organisations. Our headteacher was quite keen to start projects in school which would further enhance pupils' learning experiences.

Fifteen projects were initiated by the headteacher as the school year progressed. An official of the Parent Council (the Vice Chair) took ownership of applying for grants locally, nationally and globally, from Falkirk, and London to the USA.

Robust systems and controls were put in place to ensure funds received are spent for the appropriate project.  Each has a project number, title, description and a cost centre to monitor the monies received and the related expenditure.

The headteacher, some teaching staff and non-teaching staff, an official of the Parent Council (the Vice Chair) who was the 'Grant Guru', were involved. Some members of the Parent Council suggested names of organisations too - we applied to them and were successful.  One of our local councillors agreed to be named as a referee which raised the profile of that particular application. Business organisations, government agencies and professional institutes were also involved.

The biggest success is that we were able gain grants of £14,414.68 in nine months for 15 projects in school and more funds are expected in the new school year as a result of our applications this year.

A motion was raised at the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 30 May 2019, recognising our achievements.

You can read about it here.

The work will continue - a Grants Team has been set up for the next academic year. We hope this will inspire other schools in Scotland and around the world. This is also a testament of excellent leadership by our headteacher and the willingness to create time and put effort into this. Utilising parents' skills, creativity and talents in a positive way has enhanced the learning experiences in school and our community.

We received funding from various businesses, educational establishments, government agencies and professional institutes. You can see the logos of the organisations we have worked with over the past nine months here'.


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