Mermaids - Help and Information for Transgender Children and Young People and their Families

Looking for support and information if you are transgender or if you're parenting or working with transgender and gender non-conforming children and young people?

Mermaids is an award-winning organisation, founded by parents in 1995, which 'is passionate about supporting children, young people, and their families to achieve a happier life in the face of great adversity.'

Mermaid's stated aims are to:

  • raise awareness about gender nonconformity in children and young people amongst professionals and the general public
  • campaign for the recognition of gender dysphoria in young people
  • lobby for improvements in professional services
  • reduce isolation and loneliness for gender variant and transgender children, young people and their families
  • empower families and young people with the tools they need to negotiate the education and health services
  • reduce suicidality and self-harm in the young people who contact Mermaids and equip their parents to support their children.

Visit the Mermaids website here. Contact the helpline on 0808 801 0400 Mon-Fri, 9am-9pm.