St Francis Primary School, Glasgow

This is the second year St Francis Primary has been involved in the PSS programme and has successfully embedded partnership work into the school.  This year the Action Team for Partnership (ATP) set goals around numeracy, family learning, Learning for Sustainability and improving parental and community involvement.

Learning Goal: To further develop parental partnerships to raise attainment in Numeracy from Nursery to P4 and improve confidence in Maths from Nursery to P7.

The team not only helped organise workshops for parents to explain the active maths approach but shared information via the website and on Twitter; the latter is proving to be a really effective method of communication.  Parents have reported they now feel more confident in supporting their child’s learning in numeracy and home learning tasks. Parents were also provided with information on organisations and local services which could help support and improve their numeracy skills including financial capability sessions; the team have reported improved skills for managing money and parents have access to support for budgeting.

Learning Goal: To improve awareness and understanding of the importance of family learning and opportunities available. 

The Action Team for Partnership wanted to make family learning enjoyable, stimulating, challenging and relevant and have helped design and deliver the content.  Families are consulted to ensure their needs are being met in relation to literacy, numeracy, health & wellbeing and wider family learning outcomes.  They are also working towards actively promoting lifelong learning, both as families and individual learners.

In April 2017, the team helped a STEM Family Home Learning Challenge for each pupil, followed by a STEM Family Learning Showcase in association with Glasgow University.  The feedback from parents was very positive and it was clear most parents came away with a better understanding of how important STEM subjects are to their child’s learning.  Families also shared their home learning experiences on Twitter.  More in Appendix *

Wellbeing Goal: To enable children and families to experience increased opportunities in Learning for Sustainability and demonstrate an improved understanding of their holistic needs in terms of the eight wellbeing indicators.  Families will have increased awareness of opportunities in the local community to support wellbeing and family learning.

As part of this goal, the School Nutrition Action Group (SNAG) evaluated and agreed a plan of action for the school.  Subsequently, and families and children have taken part in First Aid training, food hygiene training, family cooking sessions, and learning about internet safety.  Families have received information on autism, dyslexia and health issues at drop-in coffee mornings and via school-to-home communication.