St Peter's Primary School, Edinburgh

St Peter’s Primary School, Edinburgh

St Peter’s R.C. Primary School is situated in the south of Edinburgh and has a roll of around 400 pupils. The team has had impressive results in their first year participating in the PSS programme. The Action Team for Partnership (ATP) comprising parents and staff was established at an early stage with a parent as Chair. The group worked effectively to identify four goals relating to improvements in literacy, numeracy, health & wellbeing and partnership. 

Learning Goal: To improve attainment in literacy at all ages via “reading for fun” or “For the Love of Reading”.

The school used the commission from the book fair and part of the school budget to purchase books for reluctant readers, and class book sets. They aim to continue using commission money to replenish stocks in the future. With the help of PTA fundraising money and the IKEA Community Fund, a team of volunteers have helped to improve the environment in the library; these volunteers also helped to assess the requirements. Feedback was gathered from pupils, parents and staff. The team have also supported and extended the pupil use of city-wide libraries by organising class visits to Morningside Library where pupils could sign up for library cards. 

Learning Goal: To increase numeracy skills through financial education and upskilling of parents.

During the Financial Education fortnight, local businesses attended a carousel session and delivered presentations to pupils. Those parents employed in the financial sector also delivered class presentations. Royal Bank of Scotland were invited into school to deliver their MoneySense programme. 

Wellbeing Goal: To increase understanding of Growth Mindset amongst the parent body to support the culture and ethos of the school.

The team have helped to research and identify useful information and create a “Wellbeing” link for the school website including information on Growth Mindset with a short online course and information on such things as dyslexia and autism. The website traffic has been monitored. 

Partnership Goal: To enhance global citizenship by recognising the involvement and contribution of different nationalities and to increase the feeling of integration and belonging amongst pupils and parents from different cultures.

The team helped support the Pupil Council to organise the “Around the World” Garden Party which included activities, national costumes and food. Other key outcomes have included a display map highlighting countries represented at the school including greetings in different languages and an international-themed assembly. The team have also helped to create an “international committee of parents” to act as an advisory body to the school; this committee have raised suggestions for next year including a language café and reinvigorating the parent buddy system for new families joining the school.