Webster's High School, Angus

Webster's High School is more than 150 years old and is situated in Kirriemuir, serving a rural area. The school has a pupil roll of around 600. 

Partnership Goal: To run a charity shop in partnership with pupils, parents, family school office staff and local community to raise funds for WHS.

A date was arranged for the charity shop to take place and this happened from 15–21 November 2016 in a local town.

On the WHS Action Team Partnership, we have teachers, pupils, office staff, parents and members of the Rotary Club who all pulled together to make this happen.

Information leaflets were drawn up by the office staff and given to each pupil at the school, requesting donations of charitable goods just after the October holiday break. The deputy head boy then arranged a team of 6th year pupils to collect and sort donations at the school.

Emails were sent out to parents from the school and an event post was created on Facebook advertising the event. This was an open page and reached out to the community, also asking for volunteers and donations. It said:

Webster’s High School Charity Shop

Webster’s High School and present 6th year pupils are running a charity shop in Coupar Angus from Monday 15-21 November. This shop is owned by the Red House Hotel and has been used as a successful charity shop for the last few years, with a different charity running the charity shop every week. The money raised in the shop will be used for Parent Council funds with a donation going to the Kenya Appeal and the Christmas hampers.

The shop needs to be stocked on the Sunday ready for opening on the Monday. The shop will open Monday – Friday 10-4 pm each day. It will open from 10-12 on the Saturday morning and then need to be cleared for the charity who is running the shop the following week to set up on the Sunday. If you are able to help set up on the Sunday, operate the shop for half a day or even a few hours or help clear the shop on Saturday afternoon - please fill in a slot below with your contact details.

There will be at least two people working in the shop at any one time with the exception of Monday morning when it is apparently very busy.  We appreciate all help – mums, dads, carers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or friends. This is a great opportunity to work together with other parents and the 6th year pupils.

Any donations of jewellery, furniture, pictures, glassware, crockery, ornaments, bags, toys, CDs, books, clothing, shoes etc. will be gratefully received up to, and including, the week the shop is open!

Please fill in the form below and return to school or Parent Council ASAP to confirm your availability so that we can get a rota organised email:info@webstersparents.org.uk or webstershigh@webstershigh.angus.sch.uk

Thank you for your support

A rota was then drawn up in relation to stocking the shop running the shop and clearing the shop out at the end of the week.


Names of Volunteers

Sunday 15th November

Set Up in the afternoon

Help transport stuff from School to charity shop 








Monday 16th November



Tuesday 17th November 



Wednesday 18th November



Thursday 19th November



Friday 20th November



Saturday 21st November 

Shop open  10-12

Clear up session


The Rotary club volunteered to collect all the items from the school and they brought them to the charity shop in a trailer on the Sunday morning. Lots of parents and pupils turned up to help stock the shelves and there was great team work and a great spirit. Some parents did not know others so it was relaxed environment for them to get to know each other.

The charity shop opened on the Monday at 10am and we needed 10 volunteers to run it that day. These volunteers were made up of parents, family members, school staff, volunteers from the community and The Rotary Club.

There were lots of donations throughout the week and everyone who helped in the shop thoroughly enjoyed their time.

On the Saturday morning the shop opened from 10-12 and then lots of parents arrived to help clear out. Coats bags and shoes were sorted for the refugees, books were donated to Nine Wells Hospital, games jig saws were donated to the local schools. Home Start received kitchen items and all other items of clothing went to the rag bag appeal and £99 was received in return for this.

Once again, the Rotarians came and helped to transport rag bags back to a local farm waiting for collection.

This was a very good example of partnerships and involved lots of different people. Some parents got to know other parents. At the end of the week, we had raised £2268.00 for the school. Some of the money was donated to the 6th years to help fund Christmas Hampers for the elderly in the community and some of the money was donated to the Schools Kenya project. Webster’s High School has strong links with Laitain High School in Kenya and every other year, students from Kenya come across to Kirriemuir and students from WHS go across to Laitain.

Due to the above success, the charity shop was booked to run again.