Maisondieu Primary School, Angus

Maisondieu Primary School, Angus

Maisondieu is a thriving primary school in the heart of Brechin.  The school role is over 400 pupils with fourteen classes and two nursery classes all housed within the main building.

In their second year of Partnership Schools, Maisondieu Primary School has continued to strengthen their partnerships with families and the local community. In January 2018, Deputy First Minister John Swinney visited the school to see Partnership Schools in action. 

Learning Goal: To increase enthusiasm for reading. 

Key outcomes included the creation of Maisondieu’s Must-Read List; a successful book quiz and French Story Time.  A survey of parents was carried out to evaluate the success of the goal.  The team also helped to create Community Book Boxes.

Wellbeing Goal: To develop the Young Workforce. 

This goal involved more families in DYW and children became more aware of the many opportunities for careers and lifelong learning.

Partnership Goal: To improve the methods and quality of communication; to improve parental understanding of what goes on in school and the opportunities. 

The school uses Twitter very effectively to keep parents and others up-to-date with progress and school news.  The Meet the Teacher event was very well attended and the team also helped organise a 'Biscuits & Blether' event for parents and other family members.