We are working with six schools in Angus – three secondaries and three primary schools. These are Maisondieu Primary, Friockheim Primary, Grange Primary, Brechin High, Monifieth High and Webster’s High.

All schools have formed their Action Teams for Partnership (ATP) including representation from families, local businesses, sports co-ordinators and community groups as well as teaching and support staff.

Their draft Annual Plans have been produced and their learning goals cover everything from improving maths/numeracy attainment to developing the use of Glow in learning. Other goals are around well-being and partnership and the schools are focusing on such things as increasing positive health behaviours, transitions and developing Growth Mind-Set.

Friockheim Primary School

Friockheim Primary School’s Action Team for Partnership is made up of parents and teachers. They set three goals at the start of the year, specific to their school’s needs.

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Maisondieu Primary School

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Grange Primary School

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