Learning At Home

Parents are their children’s first educators. Our support for our children's learning continues throughout their school careers as we encourage their interests at home, in the wider community and at school.  At nursery and school, a strong partnership between parents and teachers ensures that children and young people get the support, help and advice that they need.

When parents show interest in what children and young people do in school, they communicate a very strong message that school learning is important. It helps children to learn and to work hard.  Making time for chats with your child about their school day, about their learning and about their achievements is a really effective way to keep in touch with your child's school life.

Tips for schools, teachers and parent groups to support learning at home 

For example, schools, teachers and parent groups can 

  • provide information and guidance to families on how to monitor and discuss schoolwork at home

  • share information with families  about topics and projects and  about the required skills in all subjects

  • hold family nights/workshops to help parents to understand school subjects and to learn ways of helping their child at home  (and share this information on social media)

  • suggest ideas to families about helping pupils with homework, other activities, decisions and planning.  Homework should not just mean work done alone, but also interactive activities shared with others at home or in the community, linking schoolwork to real life.  'Help' at home means encouraging, listening, praising, guiding and discussing – not “teaching” school subjects

  • share information with families so that they can help  their children  with setting their academic goals, selecting courses and planning for further/higher education, apprenticeships and careers

  • give interactive homework that requires pupils to show and discuss what they are learning with a family member

  • ensure parents have up-to-date information about their child's progress at school.


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