Success Stories

This is the Success Stories section where you can tell other parent groups about your activities. If you have a project or Parent Council/PTA activity you’d like to share, then just fill in the template and decide which theme your story comes under – Parenting, Communicating, Volunteering, Learning at Home, Decision Making or Collaborating with the Community – and we’ll do the rest.

We’ve chosen these six themes because they are the Six Types of Involvement we use in the Partnership Schools Scotland framework. We’ll also be posting Success Stories from schools involved in the Partnership Schools Scotland project.

Roundtable Discussion Event for Parents of Teenagers: US Middle School

This school organised a discussion event, supported by a counsellor, for parents of teenagers

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Parent Council Chair Support Group - Angus

Connect works with local Parent Councils and Angus Council to establish a group for Parent Council chairs

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Charity Shop - Webster's High School Parent Council, Angus

Webster's High School Parent Council ran a charity shop to raise funds

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A Winter Reading Night to Encourage a Love of Reading

An American primary school hosts a family event with the support of community businesses and social enterprises

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Cultivating a Culture of Reading: Dinner and a Book

An American high school project helps young people to enjoy reading at home

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School Grounds and Gardening Club - Dunbar Primary School Parent Council, East Lothian

Partnership-working has produced great results for Dunbar Primary School

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Parent Council Facebook Page - Giffnock Primary School Parent Council, East Renfrewshire

A Facebook Page helps a Parent Council to share information with parents

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Parent Council Facebook Page - Middleton Park Primary Parent Council, Aberdeen

Setting up a Facebook page helps with communications

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Improving food choices - St Francis Primary School, Glasgow

Healthy eating is promoted through cookery classes for parents and children

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Outdoors and numeracy - Friockheim Primary School, Angus

Friockheim PS uses outdoor activities to support numeracy

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Parents talk to children about their learning - St Nicholas Primary School, Broxburn

Parents are kept up-to-date with their children's learning by schools

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Bereavement Support Initiative - Meldrum Primary, Aberdeenshire

A parent group looks to the wider community for advice on bereavement

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