A Social Media Policy - Tynewater Primary School Parent Council, Midlothian

What did you do? 

We drafted a social media policy so that it is clear why and how we use social media to communicate with parents and carers. We included a review timescale to ensure that we keep up-to-date with changes in social media. The policy also sets out clear expectations of behaviour on social media. We pinned the policy to the top of our social media profiles and pages so that it is seen by anyone who joins a page or group.

Who was involved?

The Parent Council Chairperson and Social Media Administrators.

What was the biggest success?

Because behaviour expectations are clear and our social media pages are effectively managed and regularly monitored, we have never had to block or remove anyone from our social media pages. We are very proud of our parents, as there is no negativity or falling out, it simply isn't allowed and they respect that. Very rare in this new digital age!

Would you do anything differently?

No, it's working very well the way it is.

Are you going to continue with this work, or has it inspired you to do something else?

We will continue the way it's going.

Source of funding (if any)?

None required.

You can read our policy here


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