Kindness Challenge: Promoting Wellbeing

Kindness Challenge

This was a Primary School Wellbeing Goal in a US Partnership School.

Partnership Schools Parental Engagement Type 2 – Communicating;  and Type 6 – Collaborating with the Community

Here’s a great idea from one of the Partnership Schools in America.

The Bully-Free Kindness Challenge included a series of activities and special that taught children 'it pays to be kind'.  School staff, families, pupils and members of the community worked to strengthen relationships to create a positive climate at school and in classrooms by organising such things as games, presentations, take-home checklists.

A Kindness Challenge Rally kicked off proceedings with a presentation from a local dance group representing how to deal with bullies. 

Family events were organised under the banner Buddies not Bullies.  The first of these was a workshop with a presentation from an educational psychologist to define and discuss bullying behaviour.  A Bully-Free Bingo Night in the cafeteria emphasised safe responses to bullies with each bingo letter called. 

At Buddies not Bullies, Part 2, the Action Team hosted a Family Reading Night.  At four stations, teachers and members of the community read books on positive behaviour and discussed them with parents and children.  After the readings, parents and children designed posters illustrating bully-free/positive behaviour messages.  These posters were then displayed throughout the school.

In order to involve as many families as possible, the Partnership Schools Action Team organised food and refreshments.

Families were given a Kindness Challenge Checklist to take home and pupils were challenged to see how many of the ideas for kindness they could accomplish in two weeks.  If you want to run your own Kindness Challenge, why not use our Kindness Challenge template here?


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