International Day - Flora Stevenson's Primary School, Edinburgh

What did you do?

Parents/carers, from a range of different cultural backgrounds, decorated stalls in the school hall, to represent a particular country or region of the world. Over 10 countries were present including Australia, Iran, India and Canada and the stalls showcased local customs, traditions and artefacts in a vibrant and colourful way.

The event was also open to the wider Stockbridge community and Flora's students were issued with a special passport that could be stamped at each stall they visited on their journey around the world. City of Edinburgh Music School students started off the day and children throughout the school were also involved in activities and art work relating to the event, in the weeks leading up to Flora's International Day.

Who was involved?

Parents and carers from the school.

What was the biggest success?

One of the highlights of the day was the International Café - parents kindly contributed some baked goods and foods representing different cultural backgrounds to sell on the day. All money raised is to be donated to an international charity!

Would you do anything differently?

We would try to engage with more nationalities throughout the school, link it closer to the curriculum and have wider activities - for example, more music and dance!

Are you going to continue with this work, or has it inspired you to do something else?


How much did this work cost?

Very little - under £100.

Source of funding (if any)?

The Parent Council.

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