Getting Parents Involved in Parent Councils - Glamis Primary School, Angus

What did you do?

First of all we started with a new constitution and appointed a new chair, vice chair, secretary as well as parent representatives from each class. We sent a letter to all parents asking them to come to our first meeting where we brainstormed parental concerns. We now make sure to display Parent Council leaflets at school and we send a newsletter around to all parents after every meeting we hold.

Who was involved?

We try to involve as many parents as possible, as well as going to our local council for advice and involving our headteacher in concerns we have.

What was the biggest success?

We have had parents consult on many issues including anti-bullying policies and mobile phone policies. We've also had guest speakers come in, for example, a child psychologist and a local police officer.

Would you do anything differently?

We started off with monthly meetings and then transitioned into having them every term.

Are you going to continue with this work, or has it inspired you to do something else?

Yes, definitely.

Source of funding (if any)?

We hold lots of fundraising events: discos, fetes, bingo nights etc. We also received a grant from the Big Lottery Fund for sporting equipment.

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