Getting Dads Involved - St Patrick’s RC Primary School, Denny

What did you do?

The Headteacher and Parent Council at St Patrick’s were concerned that many boys seemed to be uninterested in school and learning.  They also recognised the positive influence dads and other male role models can have on young boys and so set up the 'Getting Dads Involved' project. 

Who was involved?

Their Boys’ Night takes place once a year and boys are asked to bring along a ‘male adult’ eg grandpa, uncle or older brother. In fact, some boys have turned with three generations of their family.  The first night was attended by around 200 people who took part in a variety of activities from problem-solving to technology. 

The annual event has continued to grow in popularity and now includes a Girls' Night.  In 2017, the school won 'Parents as Partners in Learning Award' at the Scottish Education Awards.

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