Parental Involvement - Earlston Primary School Parent Council, Scottish Borders

What did you do?

There were two sessions 9-11.30am and 3-5.30pm. These times were chosen so that we could attract the most number of parents/carers.
The Parent Council had a stall with information about what we do and what fundraising money has been used for. We asked parents/carers for fund-raising ideas and suggestions about how to get more people involved with the Parent Council. We also got contact details of parents/carers who don't wish to join the Parent Council but are willing to help at events, such as discos.
There were loads of stalls including: nursery, after school club, homework club, school nurse, pupil committee groups and class stalls, school uniform supplier and Scouts.

Who was involved?

Parents of Earlston Primary, Scottish Borders Council

Source of funding (if any)?

Scottish Borders Council approved a refreshed Parental Involvement policy in January 2015 and to encourage the implementation of the policy, they introduced a Parental Involvement Fund which consisted of 6 x £500 grants. Earlston Primary School Parent Council and the school successfully applied for one of these grants. We shared the grant with our partner school at Gordon.

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